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Tours T&C's

Haggis Tours Ltd - Guided and Self Guided Tour Terms and Conditions (Not Bike Hire T&C's)



These terms and conditions apply to all guided and unguided tours/expeditions.



A booking will only be constituted by the return of a completed booking form accompanied by a Deposit applicable to the participant(s) selected tour/expedition as advised by the company.


a) At the time of booking a tour/expedition, a deposit of 10% or £250 must be paid whichever is


b) Whenever possible, we will communicate with customers by email. However, we do not always send a final invoice reminder, so please note that we request the balance of payment for your tour no later than six weeks before the tour commencement date. If the balance of the tour price is not paid by the required date, Haggis Tours may, at their discretion, cancel the tour and retain the deposit.

c) Tours booked within 30 days of departure for UK tours (60 days for European tours) will require payment in full at the time of booking.

Balance of payment can be made payable by bank transfer, credit / debit card or by cheque.

d) Surcharges :

Circumstances beyond our control may dictate an increase in the cost of your tour. Any increase less than 2% of the published price will be absorbed within the original price - any increase over 2% we may need to add to the final invoice.
This may include fluctuations in currency rates against the pound. In such instances you will receive an email and an updated invoice from Haggis Motorcycle Tours detailing the additional costs.

Failure to pay the additional costs may result in your place being cancelled on the tour.



Cancellation by you must be in writing at Haggis Motorcycle Tour office and will be effective from the date of receipt of the cancellation letter

In this event the following terms apply:

Loss of full deposit unless cancellation is on medical grounds, in which case we will require proof in the form of a note from your doctor.

You may transfer your deposit to another tour within the tour season that you booked. In the event of you cancelling that tour, you will lose your deposit.

You may transfer your booking to another person. However, you will be liable for any administration costs and will be responsible for your nominee paying their monies in full.

After the date that the balance was due : no refund.

Within six weeks of the tour commencement date: no refund but Haggis Tours will endeavour to recover from its suppliers any payments made and will refund these to the customers as and when it receives them subject to an administration fee of £100;

More than six weeks but less than eight weeks of the tour commencement date: 50% refund of the tour price (if paid) less the deposit.

  • more than eight weeks but less than six months of the tour commencement date a refund of all amounts paid less the tour deposit which is subject to paragraph 2 above; and

    • More than six months of the tour commencement date a full refund.
      To cover this eventuality, we strongly recommend you take out Holiday Cancellation



  • Once a tour has commenced, no refund will be made if the customer curtails the tour or, for any other reason, does not complete the tour.


  • "Force Majeure" is understood to be any event (but not limited to) such as act or threat of war, civil or political unrest, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, unavoidable technical problems with transport, flood, volcanic activity, fire, adverse weather conditions, act of God, natural or nuclear disaster.



    We reserve the right to cancel any tour – however, this would only become necessary in exceptional circumstances. In such an event, we would hope to offer you an alternative. If this were not possible or acceptable, we would issue a full refund. We also reserve the right to cancel the tour/expedition should the minimum number of persons as stipulated within the tour/expedition details not be achieved by 60 days before commencement of the tour/expedition, or agree to continue with modifications and/or payment of a supplement. In that event all sums paid by the applicant shall be refunded.

    It is understood that a "Force Majeure" shall constitute a sufficient reason for the company to cancel the tour/expedition.

    In the event that Haggis Tours Ltd cancels the tour/expedition as a result of a "Force Majeure", no refund or compensation will be made.

    If the tour/expedition is cancelled, the company is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by you in preparing for the trip (this includes but is not limited to non-refundable air/ferry/bus/train tickets, travel monies, accommodation payments, insurances/visa/passport/medical fees, gear expenses).



    Participant(s) are responsible for making themselves aware of Foreign Office advice and State Department warnings with regard to the safety of the countries and areas in which they will be travelling and to make their decisions accordingly.

Advice from the Foreign Office to avoid or leave a particular country may constitute Force Majeure



The customer may request amendments to the tour and Haggis Tours Ltd will use its reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests and will inform the customer of any additional costs or other changes to the tour which are required. Any such costs will be paid by the customer before the commencement of the tour.

Arrangements for your tour are made months, sometimes a year in advance. It is therefore inevitable that changes can occur. In most cases, these changes will be minor and will not affect your holiday. However, in the event of a major change, we will advise you immediately and you may then

(a) Continue the tour with the new itinerary,
(b) Accept an alternative of the same or similar value, or (c) Cancel your holiday with a full refund.

Minor changes such as slight route changes (using motorway instead of non-motorway roads are often unavoidable due to time restraints or weather, in such cases we will not be held responsible for these changes as the decision is based upon the best interests of the group)



Prices stated in the Haggis Tour Ltd website are per person and based on two sharing a room.

The information provided on the Haggis Tour Ltd website attempts as far as possible to provide details of the tour/expedition undertaken, its duration, route and nature and details of accommodation and food.

Further details will be provided to the applicant as it becomes known to the company, but if the applicant becomes aware at any stage that the information does not coincide with the understanding of the position the onus will be upon the applicant to intimate their intention to cancel the booking in WRITING before the 6 month period referred to.

Any discount schemes endorsed by Haggis Tours Ltd are subject to the tour/expedition being run with minimum number of persons as stipulated within the tour/expedition details.



It is the responsibility of the Participant(s) to meet at the time and designated start point. Participant(s) failing to connect with the tour/expedition group or support vehicle are liable for their own expenses to catch up with the tour/expedition.



All accommodation provided will be in accordance with the tour proposal made by Haggis Tours Ltd to the customer and all other services and tour information will be set out in that proposal, any charges for damages etc to accommodation and utilities will remain the responsibility of the person(s) utilising the room or facility in question.

Haggis Tours Ltd will not be responsible or liable where aspects of the tour are not available due to the acts of its suppliers or due to mechanical breakdown or adverse weather conditions or any other circumstances beyond our control. Haggis Tours Ltd carefully chooses its accommodation based on the information given for the proposed tour you accept that the rooms we book are adequate for your needs and Haggis Tours Ltd cannot be held responsible for any shortfall of expectations.



Tour/expedition prices are based on double occupancy. If you request a single room you will be charged a single supplement regardless of when you book. However due to some of the remote areas visited, single rooms are limited and therefore subject to availability.

Haggis Tours Ltd will endeavour to pair up an applicant travelling as a single requesting to share a room with another member of the tour/expedition. Please refer to the individual tour/expedition details for the single room supplement.


Surcharges may also apply to bookings where a shared room has been booked and we are unable to allocate another rider to accommodate that room with you prior to the tour departure cut-off date.

Where a booking for a shared room is made and no other booking is made to share with you, we will ask you to pay a surcharge for the use of the room on a single basis, this is usually calculated at cost price to cover our expenses only and is often 20 – 50% in addition to the original booking fee.


15) Meals

When/if meals are included within the price of the tour you have chosen, it will include: the hotel’s inclusive breakfast, usually continental style or a buffet-style cooked breakfast meal or choice of cereals, etc



Please refer to the individual tour/expedition details for specific inclusions and exclusions.

The following items are NOT included in the tour/expedition price; Entry to sightseeing and historical sites (except where stated); any insurances to include but not limited to repatriation, cancellation, personal travel, breakdown cover, motor insurance; visas/medical/passport/port/border fees; vehicle documentation/repairs, fuel, tolls, fines, penalties; all pre/post tour accommodation/transportation fees; all items of personal nature, meals (except where stated), drinks, snacks, optional excursions, other extras; all other items not specified in the tour/expedition details.



Haggis Tours Ltd will not be liable for any personal injury, death or illness howsoever caused unless due to its gross negligence. Haggis Tours Ltd recommends you take out a comprehensive medical and travel insurance policy that meets the relevant needs for a motorcycle tour



Participant(s) must abide by all local laws and customs of the countries visited. In the event that the participant(s) are stopped or detained by local authorities the consequence of this remains the participant(s) responsibility. Haggis Tours Ltd are not obliged to unduly delay any part of the tour/ expedition.

Participant(s) may rejoin the tour/expedition at any time providing they are fit and their vehicle is road worthy. If you commit an illegal act Haggis Tours Ltd will cease to have any responsibility to or for you.


19) Liability

Haggis Tours Ltd liability for loss, damage or other financial penalty due to its acts will be limited to the tour price.



Haggis Tours Ltd publishes its tour details in good faith.

The Company reserves the right to alter the route as conditions prevail to accommodate changes in political environment, weather, terrain and physical condition of participant(s). The leader's decision is final.



Haggis Tours Ltd is responsible for supplying with reasonable care and judgement the tour/ expedition as detailed and to a reasonable standard. If during the tour/expedition, you have a complaint please discuss the matter immediately with the tour/expedition leader who will take the appropriate action.

Should you be dissatisfied with the result and feel that it has severely affected your enjoyment of the tour/expedition please write to Haggis Tours Ltd within 28 days of your return. We will respond within the same period and endeavour to resolve the matter to our mutual satisfaction.



The applicant confirms that he considers himself medically fit to participate in the tour/expedition and that no warranty has been given by the company as to the medical condition of the applicant.

Any information provided by the company in relation to travel details or requirements in respect of passports, visas, permits, licences, vehicle registration documents, vaccinations or other requirement which should be required is provided on a voluntary basis and is not to be relied upon by the applicant.

It is the participant(s) responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents, medical advice, and vaccinations for the tour/expedition.

Haggis Tours Ltd accepts no responsibility whatsoever in the event that these requirements not being met prior to departure.



Participant(s) are responsible for any passengers being carried in or on their vehicle. In the event of the participant(s) vehicle experiencing a mechanical failure the participant is responsible for all costs associated with the repair of the vehicle.

In the event of an accident where the participant(s) or their vehicle is no longer able or fit to continue with the tour/expedition Haggis Tours Ltd reserves the right to ask the participant(s) to leave the tour/ expedition immediately at their expense.

The participant(s) must arrange to have their vehicle repatriated at their cost. No refund for unused portions of the tour/expedition will be made.

It is expressly confirmed that the company cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury to the applicant arising directly through failure by the applicant or of machinery provided by the applicant

but shall be responsible only in the event that the loss or injury to the applicant has been directly occasioned by an error by the company or on its behalf by its representative.

Applicants travelling within vehicles run by the company shall have passenger liability insurance in the normal manner. You are recommended to insure yourself against any possible risk which you may incur within the tour/expedition.

The company shall also not be liable for damages in the event of cancellation of the tour/expedition in relation to any foregoing matter as specified herein.



On some of our tours, motorcycle hire/rental is available through a locally based third party motorcycle hire provider.

Where a motorcycle hire has been requested by the participant, Haggis Tours Ltd will facilitate in the arrangements & procurement of the motorcycle hire through a locally based third party motorcycle hire provider.

In some cases you will be required to make all payments direct to the motorcycle hire provider.

In the event where we act as agents for the motorcycle hire company we will collect all motorcycle hire payments and pay them directly for your motorcycle hire on your behalf. The price for motorcycle hire is quoted separately and does not form part of your holiday Tour price with us.

All motorcycle hire payments (deposits, balance, including damage deposit) are subject to the hire company's conditions.

It is the hire's responsibility to become familiar with the hire company's motorcycle hire / rental conditions. You will be required to sign a separate contract with the motorcycle hire provider, provide them with a damage deposit and meet with their terms and conditions for hiring a motorcycle.

Motorcycle hire Price and Payments constitute a separate contract between the hire company and the participant and are subject to the hire company's motorcycle hire / rental conditions.

Haggis Tours Ltd Tour Payments are separate from the Motorcycle Hire Payments.



In accordance with the Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulations 1992 and EC Directive 90/314EC all monies will be kept in trust until such times as your tour is complete. Haggis Tours Ltd are a limited company.


26) Law

These terms and conditions are subject to the Law of Scotland and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.


27) Correspondance

Haggis Tours and the customer accept that communications via email will be accepted by both parties as binding where agreement is indicated. Our email address is, our postal address is Haggis Tours Ltd, Unit6, 43a Harbour Road, Inverness, IV1 1UF.

28) Suitability

You agree that you and the bike you are using is fully legal to be used on the roads in the countries you will be riding in. You agree that you personally are fit to ride in accordance to the local laws with regards, but not limited to, alcohol, drugs, medicine and eyesight. You will ride in accordance to the

road regulations. Haggis Tours Ltd accepts no responsibility for your riding behaviour at any time that leads to, but is not limited to, any fines, penalties and disqualifications.


29) Our Responsibilities

We accept responsibility for supplying as near as physically possible a tour package as described on our website tour booking pages, in our Tour Brochure or in our tour itinerary. We are unable to control any deficiencies in services due to local conditions, maintenance, industrial dispute, religion, politics, or weather. Occasionally routes will differ depending on weather or timescales, in such instances, we will not be held liable for these changes as they are done so in the best interests of the group as a whole.

We will ensure, the best we can, that the entire group remains together and arrives each day at our hotel. We are not and cannot be responsible for the actions of others in the group and as such, Haggis Tours Ltd will not be held responsible for; injury, accidents or death caused by another rider in the group. Similarly, Haggis Tours Ltd cannot and will not be held responsible for riders who become lost, which, is why we highly recommend you ensure you have a means of arriving at the final destination each day


30) Your Responsibilities

  1. To advise Haggis Tours Ltd of any illness, infirmity, allergies, disabilities, health issues of any kind or dietary needs that may affect your touring holiday.

  2. Be a competent rider with a machine that is road legal, mechanically-sound and of a type suitable for touring (ideally 600cc and higher).

  3. Hold a valid Certificate of Insurance covering machine, rider and pillion. (please check you are covered for pillion riders)

  4. To ensure you have informed the DVLA and your insurance provider of any medical conditions

  5. Have the ability to get yourself and/or bike home in the event of a breakdown, accident or emergency by having suitable breakdown and recovery cover (Repatriation cover).

  6. To ensure your vehicle is secure overnight or when leaving the motorcycle unattended. Haggis Tours Ltd accept no responsibility for the loss of belongs or vehicles. (We recommend you use security devices such as a; disc lock alarm, a suitably approved chain and padlock, or GPS Vehicle Tracker.) Fortunately, many of the places we visit are safe and secure.

  7. Ensure you have adequate cancellation insurance for your holiday.

  8. To ensure you settle any hotel costs before you depart the hotel, for example; mini bar usage, food or drink bills, parking fees

  9. Any damage to your hotel room must be reported immediately to your tour guide. You will be liable for the repair costs.

  10. If you don’t settle your hotel bill for additional services, food, laundry or drink etc, Haggis Tours Ltd will charge £50.00 admin fee in addition to invoicing for the total cost. Failure to pay within 28 days of returning from the tour will incur a late payment charge of £40.00 and a further £1.00 per day for each day the bill remains unpaid for a maximum of 30 days, after which time we will begin legal action to recover our losses.

  11. Customers are asked not to remove items from the room, this includes; towels, robes, pillow cases, pillows, blankets, electrical items etc. Any charges issued for loss of items from the room will passed onto the room occupants with additional admin fees of £50.00 per person


31) Data Protection

All information held will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1982 & GDPR 2018 and will not be used for any other purpose than that for the operation of the Hirers account.

We are required by our insurers to maintain these records for a period of 3 years. We will destroy all financial details once we are satisfied that all fees and any applicable charges that may have been incurred have been met.

We will not pass your personal information onto third party companies unless it is a legal requirement or as part of the booking process (eg Hotels, Ferries etc)

We may keep your contact information for Haggis Tours Ltd marketing purposes, if you do not wish us to do this please inform us at any time.


32) Definitions

"Haggis Tours Ltd” / "The Company" / "We" /”Us”/”Haggis Motorcycle Tours” refers to Haggis Tours Ltd a company registered in Scotland under company number SC590148 with its registered address at Unit 6, 43a Harbour Road, Inverness, IV1 1UF.

The applicant /"Participant(s)" / "You" / "He"/”customer” in the foregoing terms & conditions refers to the named individual making the booking



By making a booking for a motorcycle Tour (“the Tour”) with Haggis Motorcycle Tours I, the Participant, confirm that I understand and accept that:

1. I have provided accurate information to Haggis Motorcycle Tours about my motorcycle riding experience and ability and I confirm that I am a competent enough motorcyclist to participate in my chosen Tour.

2. I am adequately fit and physically capable to undertake the program set out in my itinerary and have no medical condition which would affect my participation in the Tour.

3. I am required to follow all reasonable instructions from Haggis Motorcycle Tours, its Tour Leader, employees or agents. I understand that if I fail to comply with these instructions, Haggis Motorcycle Tours reserves the right to suspend my involvement in the Tour and that I shall not be entitled to any refund of any amounts I have paid to Haggis Motorcycle Tours for participating in the Tour or any other costs incurred by me as a result of my having to leave the Tour.

4. The decision of the Tour Leader is final and binding, including any decisions made by the Tour Leader to change the itinerary at short notice or suspend myself or a member of my party from the Tour and I will respect and comply with any such decision.

5. I am solely responsible for my possessions. Haggis Motorcycle Tours accepts no liability for any damage to or loss of my property whilst taking part in the Tour (except where such loss or damage was as a result Haggis Motorcycle Tours negligence).

6. Where I have requested to hire a motorcycle, I acknowledge that the motorcycle for this Tour is rented from a local third party supplier, under the terms and conditions of the third party. I understand that I am responsible for using the motorcycle in accordance with the local rental agreement and that I will have to pay for any damage caused to the motorcycle directly to the local third party supplier before the tour ends

7. I am required to comply with all statutory and legal requirements when participating in the Tour, including but not limited to all road traffic and driving laws.

8. I have provided emergency contact details to Haggis Motorcycle Tours and authorise Haggis Motorcycle Tours to contact that person(s) in the event of an emergency.

9. In cases of emergency, I authorise Haggis Motorcycle Tours, their Tour Leader, employees or agents as applicable to arrange any necessary medical or surgical treatments and to sign any required form of consent on my behalf. I accept that I am responsible for reimbursing to Haggis Motorcycle Tours any additional expense they incur on my behalf relating to my medical treatment or repatriation due to my injury, illness or other medical condition.

10. For tours travelling outside the EU, I understand that there are certain risks and dangers inherent in taking part in the Tour, including but not limited to the hazards of travelling in remote regions of developing countries, with medical facilities and response times that are often significantly worse than those in developed countries and that by the very nature of the activities I will be exposed to an element of personal risk over and above those associated with conventional holidays. These include the risk of personal injury and death and loss of or damage to my property.

11. I also expressly understand that I am under a duty to mitigate any risks to myself as far as is practicable, by taking all reasonable steps to ensure my own health and safety whilst on the Tour. Except as stated in paragraph 14, I accept full responsibility for these risks and I agree that Haggis Motorcycle Tours, its employees and agents are released from any liability resulting from my injury or death or any loss of or damage to my property suffered during the Tour.

12. Haggis Motorcycle Tours does not exclude or limit its liability for any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law including liability for fraud or misrepresentation or for any death or personal injury suffered during the Tour which is caused by Haggis Motorcycle Tours negligence.

13. I will indemnify Haggis Motorcycle Tours for all losses suffered by Haggis Motorcycle Tours as a result of my behaviour, negligence or failure to comply with the terms of this Acknowledgement Form, Booking Terms & Conditions or otherwise.

14. Acceptance of the booking is therefore subject to the following terms and conditions. The contract and all matters arising from it are subject to Scottish Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

For overseas tours you must have the following documents:

Valid UK passport (ensure visa not required if non-UK). Passport must have at least 6 months remaining by the time you return

  1. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (can be obtained online
    at www.dh.govuk/travellers, by phoning 0845 6062030, or by post from any main Post Office) Note: E111 Certificate is no longer valid

  2. European insurance cover for your bike – must include repatriation in the event of an accident or serious breakdown.

  3. Personal Travel Insurance for yourself and pillion (if appropriate). This must include medical cover including any possible repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident. We also recommend you include cancellation cover.

NB: Breakdown and Personal Insurance are compulsory on our European tours and we may require evidence of policies before departure. Ensure you have adequate insurance for your holiday. 

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